‘36 Ways to Live’ - Chef Emmanuel Stroobant

September 13, 2012 (Thu)  |  By Signature Kitchen
Signature Kitchen has once again pioneered the industry with an exciting treat to inspire homeowners with an array of delicious yet healthy international recipes.

Signature Kitchen collaborates with Italian Kitchen Designers

July 29, 2012 (Sun)  |  By Signature Kitchen
Think Italy, and images of food, fashion and romantic architecture comes to mind. Food and the kitchen is the central focus of family life, with the average Italian mama constantly urging her flock to "Mangiare, mangiare!" (eat, eat!).

Signature Kitchen Unveiled Latest Additions

July 5, 2012 (Thu)  |  By Signature Kitchen
In conjunction with Archidex 2012, Signature Kitchen introduced their latest state-of-the-art kitchen concepts and appliances targeting the upmarket segment. This marks a new milestone in the company’s stellar history as the leading player in the local kitchen industry.

Marking their mark in Milan

April 17, 2012 (Tue)  |  By SIGNATURE KITCHEN
When we think of the italian city of Milan, we relate this iconic place to being the fashion capital of the world. Everyone knows about Milan Fashion Week and many brace themselves during this time to find out the latest collections fresh off the catwalks.

Celebrity Chef Martin Yan on Kitchen Designs

March 18, 2012 (Sun)  |  By The Star
If Yan can cook, so can you! How familiar this statement sounds, and for those growing up in front of cooking channels on the television, can fondly recall this funny speaking Chinese man from the Bay area of San Francisco, chopping and cooking away in the most captivating cooking series of that era.